The PSIgasm Project is independently funded but in order to expand, we need your help! The PSIgasm project is dedicated to total information freedom and transparency. We will be posting and sharing not just our research, observations, and conclusions but also every step of our process including our hardware construction and software programming. Aside from classes on human sexuality we are also committed to making sex technology accessible to everyone. Please help support our efforts to objectively and rigorously research sexuality and bring it to anyone who would like to learn more. We are indebted to those who have helped us along the way by volunteering their time, knowledge, and orgasms to the project. Thank you so much for learning more about the project and please consider making a small contribution.

New – PSIgasm merchandise!

Support our research with tshirts, hoodies, mousepads, and coffee mugs with sex hacker slogans including “I come for science,” “plot dirty to me,” and “fuck the ivory tower.”

4 ways to contribute

  • Buy some awesome sex nerd apparel and accessories and represent your sex geekdom
  • Place a small donation through PayPal using the ChipIn widget to the right. No amount is too small, and 100% of the proceeds go to new innovations and upgraded equipment.
  • Promote the project by telling your friends about how cool it is. Make sure to mention to  your local sex boutique/dungeon/university how awesome they would be if they booked us for classes or presentations.
  • Commission your very own custom made PSIgasm device! We’re happy to tell you how to make one yourself, but we’re even happier to refine our skills by making one for you. Talk with us about exactly what you want, choose the sensors, colors, and shape, pay for the raw materials, and you’ll get your very own sexual science device. You can use it for Kegel exercises, SM play (make sure that slave is squeezing tight!), friendly competitions, or just to satisfy your personal curiosity about your body. As you play, you will have an option to continue helping the project by uploading your data anonymously for us to analyze. Email [email protected] for more information.