The PSI-gasm is open source and dedicated to freedom of information.

The PSI-gasm was created with open source materials and our design, modifications, and engineering process is and always be transparent. Check back here for documents about what we’ve built and how it works. If you would like more of an explanation, please book us to come out to you and explain and teach the creation of sex technology.

The Next Generation: PSIgasm v. 2.0

The next version of the device is currently under development. Version 2 will completely revamp the sensor arsenal of the device, including measurements of temperature, heat capacity, heart rate, blood volume, moisture, and movement of the device (all of which have been shown to correlate with the arousal cycle). Advanced shielding and filtering techniques will increase measurement sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. The sensors will be embedded in custom molded RTV platinum cure silicone.

Version 2 will abandon the CUI32 microprocessor board in favor of the Arduino Fio. This will make the technology more accessible to the many hobbyists already familiar with Arduino. This board supports wireless data communication so you can use the device without a USB connection to a PC. The rechargeable Li-Po battery will connect to a USB port for charging only.

Circuit board layout for PSIgasm v2 measurement electronics

The circuit boards and electronics components for the PSIgasm v2 are now available below:

PSIgasm v2.2.pcb

This file opens with PCB Artist layout software, a simple and easy to use free software distributed by Advanced Circuits.

PSIgasm v2.2.fab

This is the fabrication file created from the .pcb file above. You would upload this file to the Advanced Circuits website to order the board.

PSIgasm v2.2 Bill of Materials

This link will take you to a preset shopping cart at for all of the electronics that go on the circuit board. From here you can look at (or order) all of the sensors, amplifiers, and components that we will be using for the next generation of the device.

PSIgasm v1 – The Prototype

PSIgasm v1 prototype schematic

The prototype device is cheap and simple to make, and it focuses on making one measurement well. When inserted into the vagina or anus, it measures the contraction of the pubococcygeal (PC) or sphincter muscles by monitoring the pressure applied to a closed cavity. These muscular contractions show recognizable patterns of increasing tension during sexual arousal leading to orgasm, and characteristic contractions during orgasm. The device is made entirely from commercially available parts, and can be created by any hobbyist in a few days for under $200.

The hollow phallic insert is made from a “Clone-a-Willy” kit. These kits include instructions and materials to make a silicone rubber replica of a real penis. Conveniently, each kit comes with a long cylindrical vibrator which is meant to be embedded in the silicone toy. By covering the vibrator in a condom during molding, it can be removed afterward leaving an empty cavity inside the phallus. This cavity is then sealed using a rubber stopper. A single hole is drilled through the stopper, through which surgical tubing is fed to link the cavity to the measurement electronics and pump-up valve. The interface between the tube and the stopper can be pressure sealed using putty, PTFE, or epoxy.

The pressure sensor is a MEMS device made by All Sensors which measures pressures from zero to 15 PSI with high accuracy. This sensor feeds a Texas Instruments IC instrumentation amplifier, which outputs an analog voltage proportional to the pressure on the insert.

The analog signal is read by the ADC in a commercial open source microcontroller breakout board, the CUI32. This board also drives the USB communication with the PC running the measurement software. It uses a 32 bit PIC microcontroller, and runs on open source StickOS firmware.

The pump-up valve to pressurize the cavity is a commercial valve used to make volleyballs.  The valve and all of the electronics are housed in a standard aluminum electronics enclosure. This box is wrapped in a hand stitched leather sheath made from discarded leather scraps. A viton o-ring encircling the phallic insert is laced to the leather sheath for mechanical stability.