Apologies for the long update lag; this news is actually rather old. The PSIgasm version 2 is up and running!

The second version can simultaneously measure body temperature, optical internal skin reflectivity, electrodermal response, and pressure due to muscle tension. This data can be used to monitor local blood volume, moisture levels, and the frequency and amplitude of orgasmic contractions.

The body is cast in platinum cure RTV silicone, from a homemade plaster of paris mold. The sensors and electrodes are embedded in the surface of the silicone, and a hollow core allows for pressure measurement.

Version 2.0 uses an arduino fio microprocessor board with an Xbee wireless shield to transmit data to a nearby computer wirelessly in real time. GUI software allows for simulatenous real time display of graphs of each sensor or physiological variable.

We got to show the 2.0 off for the first time (in a somewhat buggy state) in a workshop Maggie taught at the SF Citadel on the Science of Orgasms in May. We have since had the pleasure of presenting the PSIgasm devices in a segment for Kink Academy which will be posted soon, including footage of the devices in use (with expert commentary of course).