On Feb 25th, PSIgasm was thrilled to appear on Sexploration With Monika over at FCC Free Radio. Sex educator and sex educator wrangler Reid Mihalko organized the night and all kinds of amazing people were there talking about what they’ve been busy with lately. Also appearing on the show were: Jessi Fischer, home from her recent  pro-porn debate victory at Cambridge; Megan Andelloux a major east coast sex positive activist and educator; Maymay of Kink On Tap and sex culture critic; writer, educator, activist and sexy geek Allison Moon; Mistress Eve Minax; blogger and sex adventure-seeker Fleur de Lis SF; alongside many more amazing people making films, breaking walls, and talking about sex. Everyone had something fantastic to say but I’m not going to lie to you- there is no chaos like a bunch of sex geeks having a potluck on pirate radio. This edition of “Sexploration With Monika” cannot be missed.

Here are some of the photos and check back soon for an excerpt of what we talked about on the air.