We are proud to announce that the PSIgasm Project will be presenting at Arse Elektronika 2011! This yearly tech sex geek gathering features the crème de la crème of sex thinkers, hackers, and enthusiasts in a three day intellectually orgasmic extravaganza. We are honored to be a part of it this September, and we hope you’ll join us. Arse Elektronika 2010 featured speakers such as Susie Bright and Carol Queen, demonstrations of new technology including transcontinental public remote sex toy control and wearable erotic electronics, DIY workshops and tons more content sufficient to make any sex geek salivate. We’re planning to make this year even better.

Read on to see the full PSIgasm Project presentation submission, with details on the project and on the interactive presentation we have planned. We have a few months before September and the mad science laboratory is going to be burning the midnight oil to make this happen. We hope to see you all there.

Download the .pdf here.