The PSIgasm 3.0 is under heavy development. The 2.0 served as an excellent proof of concept for using the types of sensors I’ve chosen to monitor relevant physiological variables. In the 3.0, I want to use more sophisticated measurement techniques and superior design to do the same measurements way, way better.

The device will include two photoplethysmographs, four skin contact sensors capable of monitoring temperature and skin resistance, a heat flow sensor, a pressure monitor, and an accelerometer. Data from all of the devices will be wirelessly transmitted to a PC and can be graphed simultaneously in real time.

I made 3D models of the entire device to ensure that it would all fit together perfectly. The mold from which I will cast the silicone device will be 3D printed. This will give allow for superior alignment, more accurate measurements, and a sleek polished aesthetic.

The electronics on this device are what really make it cool. I’m using a phase sensitive lock-in measurement technique to make extremely fast, low noise measurements. Three independent channels of lock-in detection work in parallel, each with its own tunable 10-bit ADC. These badass custom electronics of my own design live on six 2″x3″ PCBs, which mount onto an aluminum mounting plate that I cut last week in the machine shop.

I hope to have the device complete by the end of September, baring unforeseen difficulties (famous last words).